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ATEX Software

TDC Sécurité ATEX software facilitates the production of Explosion Protection Document (DRPCE) in the framework of the ATEX regulations (Explosive Atmospheres). Protection of Workers: Directive 1999/92/EC When fulfilling his/her obligations according to the article 4...

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Painfulness at Work

TDC Sécurité software enables to include elements of Painfulness at Work and early retirement into Occupational Risk Assessment Report and (if necessary) to Chemical Risk Assessment. It also incorporates Regulatory development. Register to our webinar in French and...

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Software for Certification and Training Management

Appropriate management of the certifications and training is one of the means of Occupational Risk Prevention.  TDC Sécurité will facilitate the work of the safety manager in case of recruitment or a change of posting on the work stations and will be essential for the...

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Software for ISO 14001 Environmental Management

TDC Sécurité offers a specific software module dedicated to ISO 14001 : your will easily manage environmental risks according to ISO 14001, also sharing the descriptive information of the company carried out by Occupational Risk Assessment Report EvRP or Chemical...

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Prevention Plan – Loading / Unloading Protocol

TDC Sécurité PdP software manages Prevention Plan the way it does with Occupational Risk Assessment Report or Chemical Safety Assessment.  It enables you to produce and formalise Prevention Plans in the same ergonomic way as Workplace Risk Assessment and to use the...

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Our Software for Work-Related Accidents

Software for Work-Related Accidents by TDC Sécurité enables you to manage work-related accidents and their analysis generate statistics by including them into your Occupational Risk Assessment Report (EVRP) and/or your Chemical Risk Assessment. Why choose TDC Sécurité...

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Software for Psycho-Social Risks Pre-Diagnosis (PSR)

TDC Sécurité PSR offers to evaluate the psycho-social risks of your employees using the INRS methodology (ED-6140), to have action plan proposals and to integrate them into your Occupational Risk Assessment Report. The objective is to enter a process of prevention and...

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Software for Chemical Safety Assessment

TDC Sécurité RC is the software for Chemical Safety Assessment centralising all data either according to the INRS ND 2233, or to DT 80 of the chemical industry. It manages action plans, can be linked to Occupational Risk Assessment Report (EvRP) and can be customised...

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Software for Occupational Risk Assessment

(used by INRS and CARSAT) Centralise all Occupational Health and Safety data in one single database. TDC Sécurité structures your Occupational Safety Assessment and helps you manage with success your Occupational Risk Assessment Report and action plans. The quality...

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