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TDC Sécurité Software is developed by Knowllence.

Our team of engineering consultants-trainers is specialised in Occupational Risk and Chemical Safety Management: experience of dealing dozens of customer cases is entirely at your service.

Our strength : rapidly identifying the most appropriate for you methodologies and customising if necessary our software to follow up your methods and processes.

With the help of our consulting partners, we also provide full service for carrying out your Occupational Risk Assessment Report and for implementing Chemical Safety Assessment and deliver them with TDC Sécurité in order to keep them going on a long-term basis.

Created in 2001, Knowllence is a facilitator in Risk Management. Our teams of consultants-trainers are based in the Paris region and in the provinces.

Since 1990, TDC Software is Knowllence R&D centre, independent software editor specialised In Risk Management and Design Quality. This R&D centre, the team of software engineers and the after-sales service are based in Franche-Comté.

They Trus us…

TDC Sécurité is used with bonheur in organisations of all trades and all sizes: industry, communities, associations. Please find some testimonials of our customers satisfaction.

Training and Consulting

Knowllence is an official declared training center (Besançon : 43 25 01 85125).


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