The Quality and Environment responsible explains why TDC Sécurité software was choosen, its advantages, and how it fits to the global Risk Management System and the Quality, Safety and Environment approach.

Why choose TDC Sécurité Environment Software for ISO 14001?

Bruneau, 600 employees, is the French online leader forstationery supplies and office equipment. (Bruneau in video here)

Its quality environment Manager, Mr. Benquet explains why TDC Sécurité Environment Software has been chosen to manage environmental analysis and ISO 14001 risks relying the process mapping. It details the contributions of the TDC Sécurité Environment software:

  • libraries of proposed by the software that can be modified / completed
  • easy to use computer tools
  • printing of relevant reports by processes, and an easy-to-communicate summary of significant environmental aspects.

How to organise QSE and Risk Management ?

This 15 minute video in French was shot during our User Club in Paris. Bruneau a QSE Management System organised around 3 axis:

  • Operational and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Risks
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Risks


Bruneau use with success the following TDC Sécurité Modules : TDC Sécurité EvRP (Occupational Risk Assessment) and TDC Sécurité Environment.

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