logiciel RPS risques psychosociaux
TDC Sécurité PSR offers to evaluate the psycho-social risks of your employees using the INRS methodology (ED-6140), to have action plan proposals and to integrate them into your Occupational Risk Assessment Report. The objective is to enter a process of prevention and improvement of the life conditions at the workplace.

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INRS Libraries and Proposed Approach

To facilitate the pre-diagnosis of conditions of life within your organization, TDC Sécurité software uses the psychosocial Risk Assessment methodology contained in the brochure : INRS ED 6140 – evaluate psycho-social risks factors: tool PSR.
This methodology is based on the distribution of anonymous questionnaires to your employees in order to achieve a pre-diagnosis of the psycho-social Risk Assessment for integration of the relevant elements in the Occupational Risk Assessment Report.
Attention, the use of this module will not replace the intervention of a psychologist’s work.

This methodology allows you to evaluate the psycho-social risks through 26 questions divided into 7 families to sweep all strata of these complex and sensitive risks:

  • logiciel-prediagnostic-rpsIntensity and complexity of work
  • Difficult working hours
  • Emotional demands
  • Low autonomy at work
  • degraded social relationships at work
  • Value conflicts
  • Insecurity of employment and labour

TDC Sécurité PSR software helps you through the various stages of the psychosocial Risk Assessment:

  • Printing of the questionnaire for psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Help for the counting of the questionnaires in order to check the potential errors of inputs.
  • Automatic translation of the replies and transcription to the Occupational Risk Assessment Report.
  • Libraries of prevention measures are supplied to register which is available to the employees to protect themselves from this type of risk.
  • Libraries of pre-filled action plans assist you to improve the work conditions of your employees.

This evaluation will enable your teams to gain a better understanding of the psycho-social risks at work and guide them in the process of continuous improvement of the conditions of life within your structure.

Example of Psycho-Social Risk Assessment with TDC Sécurité PSR

Step 0: Printing of PSR questionnaires

The software provides the Word document of questionnaires to be printed as necessary. Go through this phase ‘paper’ may seem obsolete, but it is strategical to fully guarantee anonymity (as opposed to all computer solutions)

Step 1: Counting Help of PSR questionnaires

Since the assessment of the PSR is done in a strictly anonymous manner, enter the results of questionnaires in the software by the respondents is mandatory. TDC Sécurité PSR helps you to verify if there are input errors or lacks of consistency.

At the same time TDC Sécurité translates the responses as a result of evaluation for the integration in the Occupational Risk Assessment Report of the surveyed working unit.

Step 2: Association of the prevention measures

For integration with the Occupational Risk Assessment Report, it is important to list the measures of prevention that are already available for employees.


Step 3: Aid for the implementation of action plans.

The help of prefilled and specific libraries, TDC Sécurité PSR accompanies you in the realisation of your actions to improve the prevention of the psycho-social risks.
Below, the examples of proposed action plans to improve axis ‘social reports for degraded work – support from supervisors’


If you want to computerize the link between PSR and Occupational Risk Assessment Report

If you also have EvRP module, TDC Sécurité software facilitates the transcription of the results of the «PSR» responses and their integration in your Risk Assessment Occupational Report and the management of the action plans resulting.

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