logiciel évaluation du risque chimique
TDC Sécurité RC is the software for Chemical Safety Assessment centralising all data either according to the INRS ND 2233, or to DT 80 of the chemical industry.

It manages action plans, can be linked to Occupational Risk Assessment Report (EvRP) and can be customised according to your specific repository.


Centralise all the information in our database that will guide you through the Chemical Safety Assessment Process:

  • Inventory products and search for the information related to chemicals dangerous effects on Health and possibly on the safety (fire and explosion) and on the environment.
  • Save time with our pre-set up-to-date library of 500 chemicals (CMR, N° Reach, N° CE, etc.)
  • Assess exposure conditions (quantities, frequency, exposure modes…)
  • Prioritise risks
  • Produce action plans

Logiciel évaluation du risque chimique sur la santé

Logiciel évaluation du risque chimique sur l'environnement
Thanks to TDC Sécurité RC, you will :

  • Save time with your assessment and its updates,
  • Pilot your action plan in a comprehensive manner
  • Print your Individual Exposure Forms in 2 clicks
  • Print your Simplified Safety Data Sheet (FDSS)
  • Manage your chemicals inventory and their characteristics.


In case you do not follow the INRS ND 2233 chemical risk approach, we also provide the method DT 80 of the chemical industry – or integration of any other methodology or customised repositories by simple configuration.

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