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TDC Sécurité ATEX software facilitates the production of Explosion Protection Document (DRPCE) in the framework of the ATEX regulations (Explosive Atmospheres).

Protection of Workers: Directive 1999/92/EC

When fulfilling his/her obligations according to the article 4 of Directive 1999/92/EC, the employer shall establish and keep up to date Explosion Protection Document (DRPCE).

This DRPCE shall at least state the following:

  • risks of explosion have been determined and assessed
  • adequate measures have been taken to meet the directive requirements
  • specify areas classified into zones
  • specify areas to apply the minimum requirements stated in annex II of the Directive
  • workplaces and equipment, including alarm devices, are designed, used and maintained according to the safety instructions
  • provisions have been implemented to ensure operational safety of the work equipment, in accordance with the directive 89/655/EEC.

Production and Updates of Explosion Protection Document

Explosion Protection Document (DRPCE) must be produced prior to the commencement of the activity.
This document is revised in case of significant changes, extensions or modifications on site, of the work equipment or of the work process. The employer can combine risk assessments, documents or other existing useful reports and include them into the Explosion Protection Document.
ATEX software is a recognised and regularly-used by specialised companies approach editing several constituent reports of DRCPE.

TDC Sécurité ATEX Advantages

ATEX software includes different printing statuses and libraries (repositories) that you can enlarge within one single tool of Occupational Risk Assessment.

TDC Sécurité ATEX will enable you to implement Risk Assessment on the equipment likely to lead to an explosion.


The entry data are confined areas, electric or combustion machinery, etc. The risk is rated according to several criteria: dust areas, duration of presence in the area, inflammation or explosion probability, enabling to determine different levels of risk. Once this risk rating is established, you can target certain action plans and manage them in a centralised manner with TDC Sécurité.


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